Arnie "the Farmer" Beswick:

As with most Pontiac racers, Arnie “the Farmer” Beswick was a larger-than-life hero to us. We finally got to meet him in person at a National Muscle Car Association race in Columbus, Ohio. It was a thrill to finally meet him; but we were really amazed (later in the day) to find him in our pit area checking out our cars! We have since come to know that Arnie takes a genuine interest in everyone he meets.

Our partnership with “the Farmer” started in 1994 when we shared with him our dream to build a nostalgia Pontiac match race car. After several in-depth conversations, we mutually agreed that building a re-creation of his “Grocery Getter” would be the thing to do. Arnie had a dream of bringing this car back to life and we had a sense that it would be fun and tremendously popular. At the time of these negotiations, several other individuals and groups were also pursuing the chance to re-create this famous car. We were thrilled when Arnie finally made the decision to have our team, “Bag Boys Ltd.” create the only officially endorsed replica of the Grocery Getter. Arnie then provided us with the station wagon body that we used as our donor car. During the time that we were building the car, Arnie was a constant source of advice and guidance. His mentoring continues to this day; with driving tips, advice on mechanical issues, suggestions for running our team and introductions to many of the movers and shakers in the drag racing community.

We continue to seek his advice as we near completion of the “Boss Bird”, the fire-breathing Pontiac powered nitro funny car. It remains the pinnacle of Pontiac performance with the tunnel port engine.

For more information on Arnie, be sure to check out Arnie Beswick's official website!